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When you started your business did you think you would be spending so much time on your bookkeeping and accounting?

We can assist your business in the monthly preparation of accounting records, submission of VAT and PAYE returns and payroll services. However, what excites us is the ability to turn this information into meaningful management reports that assist you, the business owner, in the daily running of your company. We turn numbers into a relevant business tool.

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Do you have a B-BBEE strategy that is integrated with your business objectives?

BEE consulting is needed for the complexities of Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment (B-BBEE) Codes, in a low-growth economic environment and various other challenges that businesses are facing because B-BBEE is not simply a “tick box” exercise.  The compliance details often leave many business owners stumped when it comes to developing and implementing their BEE strategies.

BEE changes as your business evolves, along with legislation.  Every company faces unique challenges.

The Perry Group can unravel the intricacies of B-BBEE and turn B-BBEE compliance into a measurable growth strategy.

When a business is in trouble, we are here to help.  We never forget that we are dealing with real people in real situations.  What makes us different is how we treat you. This starts with taking time to understand your situation and what’s important to you.  At the core of everything we do is providing options with respect for both creditors and debtors as well as their advisors.

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A sudden death in the family can be shocking and traumatising.  In this unfortunate event, the details of their estate need to be processed properly to give your family peace of mind. The administration process ensures all the terms of his or her last will and testament (if there is one) are carried out correctly.

The process itself is highly technical because every individual’s assets, family wishes, and circumstances differ.

Let us guide you through the complex matter of Deceased Estate Administration with care and attention to detail.

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Payroll processing and employee administration management. Full payroll and employee administration filing, lodgement and record keeping.  Our financial reporting services are designed to suit your business’ requirements & are intended to scale up your business performance.

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We offer effortless income tax services for individuals, companies, small businesses, trusts, and more. Our tax specialists have the experience necessary to guide you through the maze of personal and business tax requirements you must take care of to fulfil your duties to SARS each fiscal year.

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A will / testament is the legal instrument that permits a person, the testator, to make decisions on how his estate will be managed and distributed after his death.

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“Having dealt with Perry & Associates for a number of years now I can attest to the fact that their service is exemplary and are highly competent in the various financial aspects that they have assisted me with in the past, I can highly recommend their services for businesses & individuals looking for professionally skilled individuals and the personal touch. “

Andrew Dua
Finance & Operations Director, ISS

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