B-BBEE Training

Basics of BBBEE Training

This course is designed for you to learn and understand the basics of the BEE Scorecard. It will give you a good overview of the bigger picture and your role within it. The training is interactive, and you have the opportunity to ask questions specifically relating to your industry.

This course is aimed at the following

Generic (Large companies) – Transformation managers and teams that are responsible for the scorecard of their company. Equip your staff to understand the overall effect of decisions.

QSE/EME (Small to medium companies) – How to improve your level and use it as a leverage to secure more business by understanding the impact of your status on the scorecard of your dream client.

Where do you fit in?

Majority of EME’s and QSE’s don’t understand the scorecard and feel they don’t need to.

But what leverage will it give you if you understand the pressure points of your clients or potential clients? You can strategically position yourself in a very favourable way, and secure more business. Earn the trust and respect from your clients by being informed.

You will be educated, and knowledge is power. Use it strategically and you will reap the benefits.

Course details

We understand the dynamics of business and that a day out of the office can add to your stress levels, therefore our course is presented over 2 mornings (3hour sessions per day) where we will cover the following:

Day 1:

Purpose and principles of BEE, including fronting.

The basics of Enterprise Development, Supplier Development and Procurement

Day 2:

The basics of Management Control, Skills Development and Socio-Economic Development
Overview of Ownership and options for EME’s and QSE’s

The intermediary training will be launching soon where we will cover each element in more detail, but a good foundation will be necessary.

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